Lead your own voter registration drive in Maine!

Road trip! Grab your clipboard, round up your squad, put on comfy shoes and bring the Blue Wave to Maine! Registering Democratic voters in high-traffic areas is wicked easy!  

Decades of studies tell us that face-to-face voter interaction is the #1 way to win elections. This kit includes everything you need to plan your trip, start up conversations with passers-by (yes, even if you’re shy) and register new voters who will make a big difference in 2020!

Two steps for planning your Voter Registration Road Trip

  1. Click here to schedule an appointment to connect with the Swing Left Greater Boston voter registration coach.
  2. Read the Voter Registration Quickstart Guide. It has step-by-step instructions for organizing carpools, inviting your guests, what supplies to get, how to train your squad, and how to run the event.