August 28th Newsletter
Dialing for the Michigan Democratic Party One Campaign (Coordinated Campaign)
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September 5th Newsletter

Posted on September 5, 2020


A New Video and Phone Banking Pledge

Take the Pledge

At an eight-weeks-to-go kickoff event on Wednesday, Swing Left Greater Boston launched the best phone banking video and phone banking pledge of the year.

When you listen to dedicated callers speaking from their hearts, you’ll be inspired to help us reach the 800,000 voters we need to win back the White House.

“If I told you that two hours of your time a week would ensure that Trump is gone and Biden is in the White House, would you give me that two hours?”

Watch the video.



Join the Gideon-Collins Debate Watch Party and …

Sara Gideon - our next Maine Senator

Let’s virtually cheer on Maine U.S. Senate candidate Sara Gideon as she takes on Susan “He’s Learned His Lesson” Collins and her two other opponents. Added value: you can join the live-chat post-debate discussion with University of Maine Political Science Dept. Chair and

Bangor News

columnist Amy Fried, as well as Co-Lead of Suit Up Maine Kelli Whitlock Burton.

Call to action

Maine U.S. Senate Debate Watch Party

Friday, September 11 @ 7:00 pm – 10 pm

The debate is a fun way to improve our understanding issues that resonate for Mainers. It will make us all better and more knowledgeable activists. Hope to see you there!                    


… Support Immigrant Voices in Maine

New Mainers Alliance Empowers Immigrants

Come to the debate just one half hour early, and you’ll learn about an exciting project with the

New Mainers Alliance
. This group is working to make sure the voices of Somali and other African immigrants are heard and counted in this election. People newly arrived to Maine could be decisive in tipping the race in Maine.New Mainers Alliance is an immigrant-led organization focused on voter education, registration, and empowerment. Their goal is to register new voters and ensure that all registered voters have the option to obtain an absentee ballot and vote — as early as possible. The team will conduct outreach in Somali and other languages
However, there can be no team unless the organization can raise $10,000

to employ 10 part-time community organizers to work from now until Election Day. Learn how you can help with this Get-Out-the-Vote effort in a community disproportionately hard hit by COVID-19 and structural racism.Call to action

Intro to New Mainers Alliance

Friday, September 11 @ 6:30 pm – 7:00 pm

In just half an hour, you can learn about New Mainers Alliance from community leaders Dr. Abdifatah Ahmed, Mutaz Abdelrahim, Fowsia Musse, and Mohamed Ibrahim. They will discuss their work and answer questions.

Learn more about the project and make a donation



Turn Anxiety into Your Superpower

Turn your anxiety into your superpower

You’re not the only one lying awake in a panic. This election is exhausting and scary. It’s exhausting and scary because Republicans want us to give up.

Republicans want to trigger our worst-case-scenario brains. Don’t let them. Fight back. Harness that anxiety and put it to work to beat the opposition.

Breathe, meditate, eat well, exercise. Then pick up you pen or phone and get back to work.
Call to action

Learn more about phone banking.

Get dialing (there’s training and support on every call).


Relational Organizing 101

Election 2020 Virtual Activism & Who Do you Know? Workshop
Thursday, September 10 @ 5:00 pmSunday, September 20 @ 4:00 pmFind out what you can do and how you can leverage your social networks
to Turn the Country Blue.

Like or share the event on your Facebook page
to get friends and family on board.


Swing Left Chapters Join Forces to Flip North Carolina’s State Legislature

NC Chief Justice Cheri Beasley

Special Guest: Cheri Beasley, the first African-American woman to serve as Chief Justice in the 200-year history of the North Carolina Supreme Court

Swing Left Greater Boston and 31st Street Swing Left see North Carolina as a massive opportunity for 2020. Working with Our States Matter, we’ve created a high-impact digital strategy that will turn the NC Statehouse blue, power another Democratic U.S. Senate seat, and win the Presidency.


Why North Carolina? Why Digital?

on September 9, you’ll hear Ariane Fisher and Eli Pollack of 31st Street Swing Left and Christine Bachman of Our States Matter explain how their slate of state legislative candidates is going digital for the win.

Call to action

Why North Carolina? Why Digital?

Wednesday, September 9 @ 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Co-hosted by Nancy Brown and Mark Niedergang (Somerville MA City Councilor)



Dress Rehearsal for Election Day


(click to watch the video)

The special election in Wisconsin gave stark evidence of all the dirty tricks that Republicans use to suppress the vote … and the strength and determination of Democrats to make sure their voters counted
Call to action

Watch the documentary.
Take action in Wisconsin.


13,000 Calls in the First Week of Dialing!


Michigan’s 8 Million Voter Project is following up on a VBM mailing with a phone “chase.” Last week, we made 13,000 calls and actually spoke to 6,000 people, many of whom were female, young, and/or of color. Armed with training, a virtual phone bank system, and a Midwest-friendly script, it’s easy to keep the ball rolling!
Call to action

Sign up to make calls on a Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday.



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