Swing the country, no matter where you live. Swing Left Greater Boston is launching Swing Blue Alliance, a program that helps you and your volunteers make meaningful connections with Democratic voters to boost turnout and win elections. Swing Blue Alliance works with Democratic campaigns and committees to bring you effective letter-writing, phone banking and other initiatives. Where possible, we help campaigns measure voter response so that you can feel secure that your volunteer time is well-spent.

How You Can Make A Difference

Invite a Swing Blue Alliance virtual activism coach to speak at your event.


Host a Mailing Event.

Volunteers love writing postcards and letters to voters. Now you can offer your volunteers the most effective way to contact voters by mail, by including a vote by mail application and prepaid return postage.

Host a Postcard-Writing Vote by Mail event. Purchase double postcards that include a tear-off vote-by-mail application. You create packets of postcards and instructions and invite your friends to pick up the packets and address and personalize the cards in their own homes.


Host a Letter-Writing Vote by Mail event. Like a postcards to go event, you’ll be mailing to voters in swing states to encourage them to apply for a vote by mail ballot. We’ll send you instructions for printing the letters and addresses, and you create packets of supplies for your friends to personalize and address the letters. 


Here’s another recommended activity for postcard hosts: Help people in communities of color get back on the voter roles. Host a Reclaim Our Vote postcard-to-go event

Host a Phone Bank.

You and your friends will be reaching out to prospective voters in swing states to encourage them to vote by mail. We’ll train you on using the phone bank application, and then you can train your friends on a Zoom call. After your friends make their calls, you can get together on a follow-up Zoom call to congratulate yourselves on doing your part to make America blue.


Protect the Vote.

You can help voters make their voice heard in 2020, despite many obstacles. Learn more.

Learn about Our Programs in the Super States.