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In 2018 we started organizing early and spent nearly two years doing the work—and that planning and hard work paid off! That’s why we’re getting an early start on 2020.

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What is Swing Left?

In 2018, Swing Left identified competitive House races—and how to win those races. After winning 40 seats in the US House of Representatives, we are not resting on our laurels. Taking back the House was the first step to putting a check on the Trump and GOP agenda.

In 2020, Swing Left wants to win all the Houses. In 2020, we are focused on the White House, Senate, House, and key state races.

Redistricting in key state races will determine the way districts are drawn in 2021. In 2021, redistricting will address decades of Republican gerrymandering damage done by drawing unfair districts and gaming the system. In 2020, we lock in a decade of opportunity.

The grassroots—and Swing Left—will play a massive role in winning these pivotal fights in 2020.

In the words of Barack Obama, we are the ones we have been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.

And so are you.

Want to learn more about what we did in 2018? Watch 2018 You Did This video.

(We seriously recommend this video. It’s really great!)

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What is Swing Left Greater Boston?

Swing Left Greater Boston is part of the grassroots Swing Left movement. We help people from Greater Boston take effective action to restore our democracy, fix our broken Congress, and elect a new leader to the White House. Connect to the thriving community of activists right here in the Greater Boston area!

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What is the Super State Strategy?

If you overlay the target maps, it comes down to a few key states. These are the most important battles to win the White House, Senate, and once-in-a-decade fight to control redistricting. The 2020 cycle gives us something new and exciting, what we call the Super States.

By focusing on the Super States, we maximize our impact, working on many or all of these important contests at the same time.

Learn more about the Swing Left 2020 State Strategy.


How will we win?

Winning the Super States is how we will win the country. Some of us live in or near a Super State. Some of us don’t. How can we make an impact?

By focusing our tactics on two tactics we know win elections: engaging new voters and raising early money for candidates. Both can be done from wherever you live.

Engaging New Voters in 2020

For 2018, we focused on voter turnout and getting people to the polls on Election Day. This was because only 65% of registered voters typically vote in midterm election years.

2020 is different than the 2018 midterms. In presidential election years, turnout is not the biggest obstacle, since we expect close to 90% of registered voters to vote.

In 2020 we are focused on registering new voters—and we will do it in the Super States, where votes will have the biggest impact. Registering people to vote can be one of the most important things we can do to win the Super States.

Voter Registration by Mail (VRBM)

Swing Left is piloting an innovative combination of tactics that uses volunteer power to register voters by mail en masse, or Voter Registration by Mail (VRBM). It involves us writing personal letters—lots of letters—which is one of the most effective ways to get someone to register to vote. We’ve talked with a lot of voter registration experts, and no one’s done it at scale like this before. This is the power of a grassroots activist movement, and what we can do when we work together.

Starting now, you can register voters in person or from anywhere by mail, via a new letter-writing program. Swing Left is partnering with the Voter Participation Project and Vote Forward to launch a series of Voter Registration By Mail (VRBM) House Parties. We’re asking volunteers to get their friends and neighbors together and write letters to potential voters in key states to encourage them to register to vote. At these parties, volunteers will personalize a pre-printed letter, hand-addressed to targeted potential voters. These voters are selected because they belong to groups that are underrepresented in our electorate, and are likely to vote for Democrats when registered. Volunteers or hosts supply their own postage and envelopes, and the letters will include everything people need to register. It’s fun, effective, and key to expanding the number of voters for 2020!

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Raising Early Money for New Candidates

Early money can make a huge different in winning elections. After candidates win the primary, they need immediate funds to hire staff and buy ads.

Raising early money for “campaigns in waiting” is how we made sure our 2018 nominees started the general election strong.

That is why we are raising money for our Super State nominees now—so we can deliver them a Big Blue Check early on, at the moment of absolute highest impact.

More information at hosting a fundraiser.


Know Someone Who Might Want to Attend a House Party?

Check our list of New England 2020 house parties. We have house parties running through 2/16!

Know folks outside upper New England? Check out the Swing Left house party map.

Want to host a Kickoff 2020 house party? Learn more.