(Post updated as of 5/18/20, in accordance with Massachusetts Phase 1 Reopening Plan.)

As the state of Massachusetts and the country at large begins to cautiously consider opening up, we here at Swing Left Great Boston encourage our volunteers to start thinking about what kind of safe, properly social-distanced events they could host given the new guidelines. 

While there are a variety of events you can still host from home (fill out our Volunteer Interest Form to learn more about those), it’s important to note that in-person events of 10 people or less are now permitted! 

Of course, we encourage you to exercise caution (especially if you belong to a community that is specifically vulnerable to COVID-19, such as those age 65 and older, and those with chronic illnesses). But if you’re tired of feeling cooped up, and are interested in, for example: 

  • hosting a letter-writing party for you and a few friends in your local park,
  • organizing a text bank for yourself and a small group of neighbors in your backyard,
  • arranging a “postcard-to-go” event with some family members on the bleachers of a local baseball field,

… then we encourage you to visit our Host an Event landing page for more information on how to get started. 

In-Person Activism Best Practices

Please ensure that those over age 65 and/or those with chronic illnesses requiring ongoing medical care do not attend your gatherings at this time, as they remain most at risk.

A few added precautions to keep in mind:

  • Gatherings should be kept to outdoor areas, where guests do not have to enter your home.
  • Attendees should wear face masks and still respect the basic rules of social distancing, such as keeping 6 feet apart from each other.
  • Volunteers should not attend if they’re experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, such as a cough, headaches, or the chills. 
  • If handouts, postcards, or other documents are shared, make sure to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer both before and after touching.
  • Encourage all attendees to bring their own pens, so that writing utensils do not have to be shared. 
  • Have a contingency plan to hold the gathering virtually, just in case the stay-at-home advisory is reinstated.