Ready to knock on doors (canvass)? That’s great! Studies show that face to face conversations are twice as effective as phone calls, and even more effective than texting.

Useful Information for Canvassers

Please remember to bring appropriate clothing (including rain gear and umbrella, if necessary), comfortable shoes, water, snack, a fully charged mobile device, battery pack (if using your cell phone GPS for canvass or MiniVan), and sunscreen. Please check the weather ( or other site) and dress accordingly.

Please check the Action Network discussion board for last minute updates.


When you sign up for one of our our Action Network canvasses, you can discuss carpooling/ridesharing on the online discussion board. Useful information to share:

  • Who you are and what town you are from
  • How many people you are bringing
  • Whether you can offer a ride
  • Whether you need a ride
  • Contact information (email and cell phone)

Where Should I Leave My Car?

If you are not meeting someone at their home or a T stop, find a common place to meet. Cafes/coffee shops and public libraries are a good option. We recommend an indoor place, so folks can hang out and stay warm and read, if the driver is running late.

T stops are a good place to meet, if you are meeting car-free folks. A lot of Boston-area folks pickup riders at Porter Square Books (next to Porter Square Books in Porter Square).

Park and Ride commuter lots are another option. If you RSVP for an Action Network event, you will be connected to an online discussion board, and can discuss rideshare/carpool options. Be sure to check the web site details and see how long you can park your car, etc.

Don’t drive, or have a car? Check out public transit options in the travel resources.

Where do I canvass?

Swing Left Greater Boston organizes groups of canvassers to canvass directly with campaigns. Check the Canvassing Hub for details. For a comprehensive online list of canvasses organized by campaign, visit MobilizeAmerica. Or you can host your own canvass. See Swing Left’s How to Host a Canvass for more information.

Got an App for That?

Learn more about MiniVan, the canvassing app. PDI Mobile Connect is another canvassing app used by some campaigns. Swing Left has training videos for MiniVan and PDI Mobile Connect.

Not all campaigns use mobile apps; ME-02 and NY-19 used MiniVan in 2018, but New Hampshire used paper packets for the coordinated campaign. The campaign will also give you the option to use a paper packet, or the app.

Canvassing Q&A

Still have questions? Check out our Q&A.

Training and Resources

Want to learn more? Check out the Swing Left Academy for short videos (including canvassing 101, how to have effective conversations, how to use MiniVan, what to know before you go—and much more).

Indivisible MA also has a great page of canvassing resources.

We look forward to knocking on doors with you in the near future.