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About Phone Banking

Want to attend or host a phone bank? That’s great! Phone banking is the next best thing to canvassing.

Depending on the dialer, you will average about 30 calls per hour, with about 5-10 conversations per hour. Every contact is valuable, no matter what the outcome.

A script and training will be provided. You can alter it to fit your conversational style—but remember, the campaign needs to gather some basic information.  Be sure to cover the important points and questions.

Please bring a fully charged cell phone, fully charged device (computer, laptop, or tablet). Headphones or earbuds are recommended.

Some campaigns use Virtual Phone Bank (VPB), a self-dialer, or Hub Dialer or Call Hub, which are Predictive Dialer. PD means once you are signed in, you do not need to dial any numbers yourself—the dialer calls for you and skips all those people who don’t answer.

Things to Know about HubDialer

  • HubDialer automatically calls for you
  • Remember, every call is live call
  • We recommend: fully charged cell phone, fully charged device (computer, laptop, or tablet), and headphones or earbuds. The latter are not necessary, but very helpful.  It is easier to read the script if you have a phone and device, as it is easier to see the whole screen
  • Say hello right away, as soon as you connect, otherwise folks might hang up

How Do I Find Phone Banks?

Check our events page. As of December 2018, things are a little quiet, but that will change in 2019.

If you want to host a phone bank or be a remote individual contributor, the resource right now is MobilizeAmerica. We will have campaign-specific information in the near future.

Host a Phone Bank

See our Host an Event page for more information, including how to put your event on the calendar and publicize your event.

Training and Resources

See the Swing Left Academy Phone Banking 101 for training videos and tips. We also recommend NGP VAN’s Organizing 101: How to Host a Phone Bank, and this short video on how to improve phone bank skills.

Indivisible MA also has a great page of phone banking resources.