Lots of Boston-area progressives like you get involved with canvassing, phone banking, texting, and postcard writing to help swing state campaigns. We will help you take action!


Activist Afternoons

Activist Afternoons is a great place to start! This weekly event is held Sunday 4-6 pm at Workbar, 45 Prospect St., Cambridge, MA 02139. Activist Afternoons is a beautiful and spacious community activist space open to all political organizations for phone banking, text banking, postcarding, letters to the editor, canvassing, and training to empower and equip volunteers to take action.

Want to organize your own event? Activist Afternoons would love to help! No activist or organizing background is needed.


Event Calendar

Our event calendar is a one-stop shop for house parties, fundraisers, trainings, phone banks, canvassing (door knocking), postcard, and texting events—and much more.


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Host an Event

Want to host your own event? It is easy, and we can help! Check out Host an Event for more information. We suggest attending a few events first. Check out our event calendar—new events are added all the time.


Trip to Flip/Travel

Can you travel to a swing state for four or more days? Check out Trip to Flip, and how you can break out of the Blue Bubble. Traveling on your own? Check out our Travel Guides.



Want to contribute financially? Donate today.


Other Resources

Our Resource Guide has links to activity resource guides, training, and more.