T2020 Launch Invitation

T2020 Launch Invitation

Posted on Apr. 10, 2020

You are invited to be part of the launch of an exciting new collaboration of volunteers across the state working to defeat Trump and win in 2020. Join us at 4:45 pm on April 14th to hear Elizabeth Warren discuss the connections between Covid-19, the economy and the election. Then learn about Together for 2020 and how you can participate in the most important election of our lives. RSVP for the call here.

The GOP’s dangerous incompetence in the face of Covid-19 has only made it MORE urgent that we replace it with a government that can provide leadership and work for all the people. This election season will be like none other we’ve seen. We know we’ve got to pool our resources and play it smart to win in November.

That’s why organizers from grassroots groups across Massachusetts have come together to launch Together for 2020. Together for 2020 brings together volunteers and organizers from Indivisible Mass Coalition, Swing Left Greater Boston, Force Multiplier, Progressive Mass, the Western Mass Take Back our Democracy Coalition, and many local organizations and Democratic Town Committees to take back the White House, flip the Senate, hold the House and take back key state legislatures.

We hope you will join us at 4:45 pm next Tuesday to hear about the exciting and unique resources T2020 has to offer, and ways we can work together to make this change.  RSVP here.  Please feel free to bring your activist friends/organizations!

We are Together for 2020.