About Text Banking

Want to text from home, or host a text bank? That’s great! Peer to peer texting is a great way to contact a lot of voters in a short period of time. It also makes it easy to text from home or with others to support candidate campaigns, or issue campaigns. Open Progress reports that even two hours a week will allow you to reach 1000 voters.

Don’t worry, texting does not use your personal phone number, or your cell phone. Platform software (e.g., Hustle, Relay (now GetThru), or Spoke) is installed on your computer or laptop, and texting is done via an Internet connection.

Most campaigns and text groups provide a short training, either online or via a webinar. Most groups provide premade scripts and training, and connect you with sympathetic voters. You may be allowed to alter the script to fit your conversational style—but remember, the organizers need to gather certain information, and have particular goals.  Be sure to cover the important points and questions, and if you have questions, check with the organizers.

Please bring a fully charged cell phone and fully charged device (computer, laptop, or tablet).

How Do I Text Bank?

  • Sign up with one of these peer-to-peer texting providers/sponsors:
    • RapidResist
      • Supports progressive leaders and movement in underrepresented areas such as rural or conservative areas
    • Open Progress Text Troop
      • Diverse community of committed volunteers from across the country who are engaging in issue-focused conversations with voters via person-to-person text messages
    • Red2Blue
      • Peer-to-peer texting experts who help Democrats outperform all expectations at the polls
    • ResistanceLabs
      • Diverse mix of progressive candidates and campaigns working to build a better country
    • Build the Wave
      • Two million texts sent by 100,000 volunteers in 2018
    • Collective PAC
      • Biggest get-out-the-vote program for progressive black voters
    • NextGen America
      • From town halls, special elections, and marches, to contacting Congress for nationwide issues, NextGen volunteers reach out to activists across the country to help them find out what’s happening and get all the information they need to take action.
    • Working Families Party
      • Help elect the next generation of candidates win local, state, and national office
    • MoveOn
      • Issue and candidate campaigns
  • Download Slack. Slack is the communication platform used to communicate tips, training, etc. You have to join the provider’s Slack team. Don’t worry, the provider/sponsor will tell you how it works. Slack is easy to learn, and is like texting on your cell phone.
  • Platform. This is the tool that lets you to text on your computer. There are several platforms: Hustle, Relay (now ThruText), and Spoke. They are all similar; different organizations use different platforms. For example, Resistance Labs and Indivisible use Hustle, Red2Blue and NextGen use Relay, and MoveOn uses Spoke.

You can find regular texting events via  MobilizeAmerica. We will have campaign-specific information in the near future.

Host a Text Bank

See our Host an Event page for more information, including how to put your event on the calendar and publicize your event.


Indivisible MA has a great page of text banking resources.