Trip To Flip

Trip To Flip

Trip To Flip

Why Trip to Flip?  Swing District House Candidates Need Your Help to Win!

Put your time and frustration to good use!

Trip to Flip encourages modern-day patriots living in the Greater Boston Blue Bubble to go volunteer in winnable swing House districts prior to Election Day in November. We are helping winnable House districts that have a genuine need for volunteers to reach all their prospective voters.

Sign up and a volunteer will reach out to you with more information.

We encourage you to read through this webpage and FAQ before signing up.


Go to a Swing District

  • Leave the Blue Bubble and help flip the country blue!
  • Go to where your time and effort can make a huge difference
  • Experience a part of the U.S. you don’t know or go to a district where you have a personal connection (grew up, went to college, friends or family live there, issue important to you)
  • Meet local voters and volunteers, and learn what’s important to them

There is Still Plenty to Do Even if You Don’t Live There!

Candidates Need You

  • To reach every voter
  • To identify and mobilize sympathetic citizens
  • To help voters overcome barriers erected by voter suppression efforts
  • To reinforce the importance of voting in mid-terms when turn-out is usually low

Thinking of a Day Trip to Canvass?

If you are thinking about a day trip to Maine, New Hampshire or New York, please see the Swing Left Boston events page to sign up for canvassing and (if you like) carpooling.

Sign up and a volunteer will reach out to you with more information.

We encourage you to read through this webpage and FAQ before signing up.

How Do You Choose These Candidates? Why Do You Think They Are Winnable?

All of our recommended candidates are ranked as “toss ups” by two eminently respected poll analysts, Cook Political Report and Sabato’s Crystal Ball. All are far from major Democratic strongholds that could provide large numbers of volunteers. We have spoken to all campaigns and they want and are prepared to make good use of the volunteers we send.

How Do I Know I am Making a Difference? Does GOTV Really Work?

Every vote counts. A recent VA House of Delegates election count was tied and a flip of a coin decided the race. Many recent elections have been decided by less than 1% of the vote. Many Presidential election voters don’t show up at mid-term elections. Democrats will win if we turn out our vote. Strong GOTV has been an important factor in recent Special Election successes.

Do Campaigns Want Help from People Who Do Not Live in the District? Will Voters Resent Us?

We are choosing campaigns that tell us that they welcome volunteers from out of district.  On the rare occasion that you are called upon to discuss local issues, the campaign will provide you with their positions and you can call back with more information as needed.  Most voters will not know or care where you’re from if you help them exercise their right to vote.  Others tell us that if people have made such an effort to be there, this election must be very important and their own vote must really matter.  It inspires them to vote.

Will I Decide Where to Go, or Will You Assign Me?

You will decide.  Trip to Flip can provide information and suggestions, and help you decide what’s best for you.

When and for How Long Do They Need Volunteers?

The Last Weekend is a priority for all campaigns but virtually all of them welcome help at any time before then. We encourage you to go for more than a weekend so you can become familiar with the people, the district, and have a more meaningful impact.

Will I/We be Going Alone?

You are welcome to go alone, or to organize family and friends to go with you.

How Will I Get There?

You are responsible for your travel. Depending on the location, you might fly, take a train, or drive.  It can be helpful to have access to a car while working on the campaign, particularly in rural turf.

Will the Campaigns Provide a Place to Stay?

Some campaigns may be able to offer housing in the home of volunteers, but you can’t count on that. Please consider making your own arrangements to stay with friends or family, AirBNB, hotel or guest suite.

What Will This Cost?

The cost depends entirely on your choices—location, travel, housing and food costs, etc.

I am Interested? What Should I Do Next?

Great! Please fill out our contact form. A volunteer will reach out to you with more information.

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