About Us

About Us

About Us

Swing Left Greater Boston is New England’s largest grassroots organization of its kind, relying on an entirely volunteer workforce to achieve its goals. Our efforts are strategic and thorough and we research the results to validate the effectiveness of our methods. We are focused on connecting Democratic committees and campaigns in the Super States with New England volunteers to get results.

Our mission is to help blue state volunteers work on competitive races to take the most effective actions to protect our democracy, strengthen the Democratic party at the grassroots level and elect Democrats up and down the ballot.

In collaboration with our state partners, volunteers engage in activities like phone banking, sending vote by mail applications, and voter education to influence Democratic elections and combat voter suppression across the United States.

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2020 Election

In 2020, Democrats needed unprecedented voter turnout to transform its government, end gerrymandering, and protect voters’ rights to cast a ballot. Our aim was to win the White House, flip the Senate and take control of key state legislatures. View the full election results → 

We worked with local organizations in the swing states of Florida, Maine, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Georgia.

During the Covid-19 era, we reached voters virtually by: 

  • Writing hundreds of thousands of postcards and letters to make it easy for Democrats to vote by mail,
  • Phone banking to identify Democratic voters, reminding them to return their ballots and recruiting poll workers to keep polling places open,
  • Staffing hotlines to protect voter rights.