Coffee and Conversations: Hosted by Indivisible Acton Area


The Indivisible Philosophy: Democracy is a lifelong effort and demands full engagement from grassroot efforts like ours. After elected officials are sworn in, it's up to us to keep them accountable. Elections only have consequences when voters (Activists) demand action from and support our elected officials. Join your friends at Indivisible Acton Area to discuss […]

Postcards: Flip the US Senate with POSTCARDS to Georgia voters! Pick up Postcards from Andrew in Somerville, MA

Somerville, MA Somerville

WRITE POSTCARDS - not long letters - to Democratic leaning voters for the Senate runoff. Boosting turnout will be critical to winning these elections.  We have sent out over 550,000 absentee ballot requests to over 395,000 households.   We have already gotten over 71,000 Georgian voters that didn't vote on Nov. 3 to sign up […]

Write Postcards to GA Voters! Pick up Postcards from Reena in Cambridge, MA

Cambridge, MA Cambridge

Send postcards to Georgia's Democratic leaning voters to boost early voting for the Senate Runoff. Boosting turnout will be critical to winning these elections. Sign up for this event to get the porch pickup location in North Cambridge for your packet of 25 postcards and stamps. Each packet comes with instructions for requesting addresses online at […]

Phone Bank: Phone Georgia Voters with SLGB and Flip the Senate! (autodialer option available)! Hosted by Jan from Brookline, MA


  We can flip the Senate by winning the two races in Georgia and make it possible for Democrats to enact truly progressive policies. We're partnering with Seed the Vote and their local partner, the New Georgia Project, to register voters during the last week of November and the first week of December. After that, […]

Phone Bank: Neuter Mitch McConnell – GOTV Forsyth and Gwinnett Counties Phone Bank! Hosted by Steve from Metro Boston, MA


Does the very thought of Mitch McConnell irritate you? Join us for a special I hate Mitch Phone Bank this Saturday, December 19th 12-2 PM EST. We're partnering with the Carolyn Bourdeaux campaign to turn out Democratic voters in Gwinnett and Forsyth Counties. Representative-elect Bourdeaux was the only Democrat in the nation to truly flip […]