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Activist Dashboard

Together, we’re making an impact!

Swing Left Greater Boston has brought together thousands of Americans from across the United States, and together, we’ve been able to support elections from Florida to Maine to Wisconsin. 

Throughout this election our volunteers have worked tirelessly to make a difference — and we’ve been amazed by the results. Our volunteers are truly inspiring.

Mail-in Ballots Returned in Florida 

Like so many years before, Florida’s 29 Electoral votes may decide the 2020 Presidential election, but our efforts are already making an impact. 

Swing Blue Alliance, a program of Swing Left Greater Boston, has sent more than 950,000 vote-by-mail applications to targeted Democratic voters in Florida, and the results are clear – more registered Democrats are returning their mail-in ballots than ever. And this year, with no in-person canvassing, it’s all due to phone banking. 

Join the Florida Phone Bank

  • Registered Democrats
  • Registered Republicans

Phone Banking Pledges 

Phone banking is making an impact across all super states. Almost 800 volunteers have pledged to staff over 4100 phone bank shifts for Democrats since the beginning of September. 

But there’s so much more we can do. Let’s try to reach 5000 shifts of phone banking by Election Day so we can swing America blue. 

Take the Phone Banking Pledge

Activist Actions in 2020

Activists across Greater Boston and beyond have written letters and postcards and attended phone banking sessions to help support super states across the United States. 

These dedicated activists are helping Democrats understand where and how to vote. They’re not pushing an agenda or discussing issues, they’re just standing up for Democracy and voices across the nation. 

Today, the most impactful thing volunteers can do is sign up for phone banking. The time for postcards and letters is over. Now phone banking is the fastest and most direct way that activists and volunteers across the nation—from any state—can help their fellow Democrats in this election by explaining where and how to vote one on one. 

Sign up for Phone Banking