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ONLINE Webinar: Learn Person-to-Person Fundraising from the Pros at 31st Street Swing Left!

November 20 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm EST

Why Fundraising?

Raising money for progressive candidates is the most effective thing you can do to flip the Senate (and hang onto the House) in 2020. Learn how to make a personal “pitch” to a friend or colleague. Learn from the pros at 31st Street Swing Left!


About the Trainers and Training

This training will be conducted by Lynn Fletcher, Mary Pence and Lisa Herrick, who head up the fundraising component of 31st Street Swing Left, a chapter based in the DC/MD/VA area.

31st Street Swing Left raised over $1,024,000 for Congressional and Senate races in 2018. As of October 1st, they have raised over $242,000+ for the 2019 Virginia legislative races.

The training will take you from where you are (“I hate to ask for money”) to where you need to go (“Using a data-driven approach, I developed my own thought-out dialogue for making a personal ask” – an actual comment from a training participant.)

To benefit fully from this training:

  1. Please log on 5 minutes early – we will start on time.
  2. Do the training with at least one other person at your same location.
  3. Print out the sheets we send you ahead of time for use during the training.
  4. Be prepared to be completely involved for the full two hours.

RSVP for the call-in details and to preview the 31st Street Swing Left fundraising toolkit.

If you would like to test your Zoom connection prior to the meeting, please visit: https://zoom.us/test

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