In Action
How will you go MAD (McCready Action Day) on August 18th?

On August 18th, it’s time to go MAD to help Dan McCready over the wire in his epic two-year battle against Republicans in NC-09. Here in Greater Boston, you’ve got a choice of ways to help Dan win, from watching a film to knocking doors in North Carolina. Don’t get bogged down — any one of these actions is important. Just pick an action you can take and RSVP now.

  1. Write letters to Democratic voters in NC-09. Find your event here.
  2. Host an NC-09 letter-writing event: Get started here.
  3. Pledge to write 20 letters from home. Get started here.
  4. Make phone calls from home: Get started here.
  5. Support independent efforts to turn out the vote. Donate here.
  6. August 23-25 – First canvassing trip: Knock doors in Waxhaw County
  7. September 5-10 – Second canvassing trip: Knock doors in Waxhaw County

A high Democratic turnout on September 10th will give Dan the victory he deserves in NC-09. It will help build the political infrastructure to enable North Carolina Democrats to end gerrymandering, flip a Senate seat, and put the state’s 15 electoral votes in play. Finally, a win in this solid Republican district will send a powerful signal to volunteers and small-dollar donors around the country that Trump’s racist rhetoric can still be beaten, even on Republican turf.