Maine Phone Banking

Maine Phone Banking

Posted on Apr. 02, 2020

We can’t say this often enough: making personal or phone contact with voters is one of the most valuable tools we have! Though we can’t (yet!) canvass, we can still make lots of phone calls.

As a phone banker you can: engage with voters and increase support for Democratic candidates; identify support for candidates; clean up voter rolls; and recruit more volunteers. 

Everything is done on your computer and phone. But you won’t be alone: Through virtual meeting-places (like Zoom) you can interact with other volunteers, get tech support, and share feedback.

  • Phone banking from home every Sunday, 4:00–6:00 pm. Join fellow Swing Lefters phone banking together online by signing up HERE
  • Phone bank training and actionApril 13, 4:00 to 5:30 pm . Sign up HERE. (Note: Some of you may have signed up previously for a voter-registration training on this day. Your registration is still valid for the revised training.)
  • The Maine Dems are holding phone bank trainings almost every day. Check the calendar and sign up for one of the trainings HERE.