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A Great Opportunity to Help Win the Most Important Election of Your Lifetime

In 2018, we took back the House. In 2020, we have the opportunity to do something even bigger. As we watch our democracy erode day by day, the only way to stem the tide is to win the 2020 election at every level: the Presidency, the Senate, the House, and State Houses around the country.

For Democrats to win the Senate, Maine is one of a handful of must win super states.  The goal: beat Susan Collins in the Senate race and ensure that Jared Golden stays in the House.

The Strategy: Register New Democrats in Maine

In 2018, we focused on getting people to the polls on Election Day, because only around 65% of registered voters typically vote in midterm election years. But in presidential election years, turnout isn’t the biggest obstacle, since we can expect close to 90% of registered voters to vote.  That’s why for 2020 we’re going to focus on registering new Democratic voters in Maine.

Take Action

  • Register voters at Lewiston Pride!
  • Register voters at Portland Pride!
    • June 15th – We registered 251 voters!
  • March with Swing Left and Team Kennedy at Boston Pride
    • June 8th – We signed up 50 Swing Left potential volunteers